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The role of customer advocacy includes infusing customer language and mindset throughout your whole organisation. It’s not limited to great stories that evidence previous success. Working with our customers we establish the language and content required to change the way staff engage prospects. To ensure that prospects relate and feel understood.

We run end to end programmes from strategy through execution to delivery and promotion. To achieve this we recruit senior marketing professionals with deep experience and creative flair. We spend two years teaching them the finer

details of interviewing, directing and producing. We’ve created a team capable of translating high-level strategic goals in to effective, multi-channel marketing content. We support sales teams with bespoke content to accelerate individual deals.

We have created a different culture to our competitors. We are extremely commercial, yet competitively creative. We achieve different outcomes. If that sounds implausible, why not take a look at our testimonials and then try a 30 minute conversation with us?

Can’t film on site because your team are WFH? No problem

Take a look at these videos. By adopting a creative approach to the visual elements we are able to produce high quality customer stories without physically meeting the customer. Interviews can be conducted online using Teams or Zoom while a specialist app records locally for optimum quality.


Purple Bricks operates a distributed workforce. Rather than focus on the location this video tells the story from the customer’s perspective. The use of motion graphics throughout, overlaid on specifically selected library content creates a compelling visual narrative that keeps the viewers attention.

Future of Construction

The original intention was to shoot at a large-scale construction site in London to visualise the art of the possible. When that became impossible we rethought the whole production in three days and created a working site from library content and populated it with holographic people.

COVID-19 Vulnerability Hub

Telling the story of Norfolk’s considerable efforts to support the vulnerable during lock down meant conducting remote interviews over Microsoft Teams. We wanted higher quality video than was possible over a web connection so we coached both interviewees to record their own interviews.

Featured stories

Aston Martin

Upholding the Aston Martin brand required a 3 day shoot with meticulous planning and an array of filming technology.


A fun animation to educate 100,000 staff about the imminent roll out of Office 365 and how it changes the way they work.


Video and graphical overlays deliver strong visual narrative, depicting how staff have become both mobile and connected.

Jellyfish Pictures

Telling the story of blockbuster special FX company Jellyfish meant raising the bar for the standard, two day production.

Marmite’s ‘Taste Face’

Can AI tell how much you love or hate Marmite? This light-hearted production tells the story of Marmite’s highly successful viral campaign.

Cheshire Police

Shot during a two day, anything can happen, ride-along, this documentary video shows how technology is making policing more effective.

Stories about us, by us

We’ve told many stories about the latest tech and its impact. But we don’t stop there, we use it to work smarter and achieve more for our customers. Here are three videos we produced for Microsoft, highlighting how modern office tools and have changed the way we work and the quality of service we deliver.

Powered by modern tech

Technology has changed the way we work and the speed at which we work. Our expectations have changed, along with our service levels.

Connected & informed

Whether we’re working from home, travelling or on location, we have the tools to connect virtual teams and work collaboratively.

Uncompromising security

Most projects are covered by NDA and security is critical. We harness enterprise grade protection to keep our clients’ information safe.

Bring the voice of your customer into your marketing and communications.

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